Given its immense ecological footprint and impact on human wellbeing, the built environment is a key leverage point in achieving the goals put forward in the Paris Agreement as well as many other sustainability objectives.

Together we are leading the way to a circular built environment.

Winners of the Blueprint Projects

We are pleased to announce the winners of the Open Call for Blueprint Projects! The Circular Buildings Coalition will work with these ten winners to further its goal of accelerating the transition towards a circular economy in the built environment. In total, 57 Blueprint Projects were submitted and evaluated based on their public value, transition alignment, feasibility, organisation-solution fit, uniqueness and impact.
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Our events

Upcoming events
November 7-9, 2023
Smart City Expo World Congress
Ten winners have been selected from our Open Call. At the Smart City Expo the organisations have the opportunity to show how they can accelerate the transition to a circular economy in the built environment.
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Past events
June 1, 2023
Accelerator Session WCEF 2023
On the 1st of June we launched our flagship report, Towards a circular economy in the built environment, alongside our Open Call. At the World Circular Economy Forum, the CBC hosted a session with ICLEI, in which the three main topics of the report were highlighted and substantiated with practical examples.
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June 14, 2023
Information webinar Blueprint Projects
Watch the recording of our Information Webinar to get more background information about the CBC’s funding of Blueprint Projects.
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June 21-23, 2023
Urban Futures
At Urban Futures, we presented our flagship report on the three systemic challenges in the built environment, with a special emphasis on the rapidly depleting carbon budget. We are committed to helping the public understand the importance of these challenges and the need to take action.
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Towards a Circular Economy in the Built Environment
Overcoming market, finance and ownership challenges
The built environment is responsible for producing 35% of all waste in the European Union, and its carbon budget is rapidly depleting. Accelerating the transition towards a circular economy in the built environment is a key way to reduce our impacts. This report examines the systemic challenges to accelerating the circular transition in the construction sector in Europe, and what can be done to overcome them.
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