Given its immense ecological footprint and impact on human wellbeing, the built environment is a key leverage point in achieving the goals put forward in the Paris Agreement as well as many other sustainability objectives.

Together we are leading the way to a circular built environment.

Blueprints for tomorrow: Shaping Europe’s built environment with circular construction

Following our Open Call, ten Blueprint Projects were selected based on their public value, transition alignment, feasibility, organisation-solution fit, uniqueness and impact. The Circular Buildings Coalition has collaborated with these projects to advance its objective of accelerating the transition towards a circular economy in the built environment. We are proud to announce that these projects have produced and published whitepapers, which will further contribute to their impact and knowledge sharing. 
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Our events

Upcoming events
15-18 April, 2024
The Built Environment Series - WCEF 2024 Accelerator
Join us on 17 April for a full day of circularity in the built environment! Our event features four expert-led sessions, delving into regenerative design, business cases and circular scenarios. In addition, our phase-two Blueprint Project winners will present their innovative solutions. During the event, the CBC will also unveil its final report discussing four pathways for a net zero in the built environment. 
Past events
June 1, 2023
Accelerator Session WCEF 2023
On the 1st of June we launched our flagship report, Towards a circular economy in the built environment, alongside our Open Call. At the World Circular Economy Forum, the CBC hosted a session with ICLEI, in which the three main topics of the report were highlighted and substantiated with practical examples.
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June 1, 2023
Accelerator Session WCEF 2023
Join us on June 1st for the exclusive launch of our flagship report towards a circular economy in the built environment. The report dives into overarching challenges for the sector to help industries set priorities for intervention. We will also launch our call for blueprint projects.
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June 14, 2023
Information webinar Blueprint Projects
Want to learn more about the funding opportunities to accelerate the transition to a circular built environment? Register here for the webinar to get more background information about CBC’s funding of blueprint projects.
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June 21-23, 2023
Urban Futures
At Urban Futures, we presented our main report on the three systemic challenges in the built environment, with a special emphasis on the rapidly depleting carbon budget. We are committed to helping the public understand the importance of these challenges and the need to take action
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Building Circular Hotspots tool
Find regions of high concentration of circular economy activities in the built environment
The Building Circular Hotspots tool, serves as a shared platform highlighting inspiring examples of circular economy practices within the built environment. Explore our database to discover relevant cases spanning products, buildings, policies, and business models.

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