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And The People x European Community Land Trust Network

This project is a collaboration of And The People and the European Community Land Trust Network. And The People is a social innovation and research company working on social and environmental sustainability in urban and non-urban contexts. Their research and on-the-ground interventions promote and accelerate the transition to a circular and socially inclusive built environment. The European Community Land Trust Network is a voice for Community Land Trusts across Europe. They are working to ensure Community Land Trusts are recognised as a mainstream option for affordable, inclusive and sustainable land use and housing across Europe.

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A social foundation for material impact

Community Land Trusts as drivers of circularity for a just transition

Community Land Trusts (CLTs) provide a novel approach to the challenges facing a just transition in the built environment, introducing an alternative form of land ownership. This whitepaper advocates for CLTs as a model for community-led, affordable and circular housing solutions, countering conventional real estate practices that hinder circular development. Despite successful examples worldwide, barriers hinder the widespread adoption of this ownership model. The paper suggests three strategic pillars to overcome these barriers, enabling CLTs to drive circular building design in Europe.


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