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BASE x SET Alliance

The Basel Agency for Sustainable Energy (BASE) is a Swiss foundation that has been working since 2001 to develop innovative, actionable financial strategies and market-driven solutions to unlock investment in climate change solutions. In 2022, BASE launched the global Servitisation for Energy Transition (SET) Alliance, an initiative dedicated to mainstreaming Product-as-a-Service models for clean and energy-efficient technologies.

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Product-as-a-service and circularity

Developing contract guidelines for buildings in Europe

Product-as-a-service (PaaS) is an increasingly popular business model that shifts ownership of building systems—such as cooling, heating, and lighting systems—to dedicated service providers. PaaS models hold great potential to reduce environmental impacts and accelerate circularity, yet there is currently a lack of strategic guidance on how to embed circularity into contract development. With this in mind, this whitepaper proposes the creation of guidelines and template contractual clauses to help stakeholders integrate a range of circular practices. The paper focuses on accelerating circular PaaS for European building projects, sharing the results of a feasibility study and emphasising the importance of clear contract guidelines.


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