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Circotrade is a French company that captures buildings’ unrealised value by listing, gauging and trading their components via an innovative futures contract. In this way, Circotrade overcomes the financial and logistical barriers facing reuse and boosts the uptake of secondary construction materials and products.

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Futures Trading

A way to scale up the reuse of building materials and decarbonise the built environment

Today, only 1% of demolition materials and products are reused, contributing to one-third of global waste streams. This paper proposes a transformative solution: commodities futures trading. By applying futures trading principles, the construction sector can overcome barriers to material reuse. With Circotrade’s Futures Trading Contract and Marketplace, property owners can plan for material reuse, creating a new tradeable asset class. Circotrade bridges the gap between real-estate investment and sustainability—unlocking the future value of secondary building materials while saving embodied carbon.


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