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Circular Value Institute

The Circular Value Institute, based in Belgium, aims to speed up the transition to a circular economy in the built environment and beyond. Our strategy involves unlocking funding for materials with significant circular value. To guide investors and material producers towards a comprehensive understanding of circularity and a viable business model, we have developed the methodology of the Circular Value Index.

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Material-as-a-service company (MASCO)

Leverage financing of circular building materials: an innovative approach to sustainable construction

The Circular Value Institute's initiative addresses the slow pace of the circular transition while fostering awareness within the financial sector. This whitepaper focuses on the development of the Circular Value Index, a groundbreaking methodology that assesses the feasibility of applying circular business models to specific products. This method aligns investors, producers of circular materials, and environmentally conscious building owners in their understanding of circularity and evaluates the viability of a circular business model.


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