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Concular, the leading company for circular construction in Germany, is on a mission to transform the construction sector by ensuring today's resources remain available for future generations. Founded in 2020 with a team of 65 experts in six locations, it has consulted and executed more than 350 projects focused on circular construction—developing new processes, digital tools and circular value chains.

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Reclaimed Construction Material Insurance (RCMI)

Paving the way for the large-scale adoption of reclaimed construction materials

Despite the high quality of construction materials, only 1% are reused, largely due to uncertainty regarding material warranties and quality assurance. This whitepaper illustrates the need for an insurance product that standardises coverage for reclaimed materials, setting a new industry standard. It targets project developers, manufacturers and architects, motivating them to use recycled materials by offering insurance solutions to bypass existing obstacles. Concular’s insurance solution, Reclaimed Construction Material Insurance, addresses a significant market gap, promoting the sustainable integration of reclaimed materials.


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