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Gearcraft is a real estate investment fund, (re)development and management firm based in Rotterdam, Netherlands, focusing on building renovation and monument transformation projects. Gearcraft's long-term investment strategy focuses on implementing energy-efficient, zero-carbon technologies, innovative performance-based business models that promote material circularity, and on- and off-site clean energy generation.

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Most European buildings were constructed more than 40 years ago and will remain standing for decades. Their energy performance, however, needs to be improved to meet climate change mitigation goals. Facades-as-a-Service (FaaS) is an innovative contracting model that proposes realigning incentives in the construction and real estate markets. It aims to help investors, building managers, builders and other stakeholders share the risk and burden of complex technical decisions while providing them with a common vested long-term interest in the performance of building projects. This whitepaper summarises the latest practical case-study research in the field of FaaS and highlights the steps which diverse stakeholders can take in the Dutch and European real estate markets to make this concept a reality.


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