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ReLondon is a partnership between the Mayor of London and London’s boroughs to improve waste and resource management and accelerate the transition to a low-carbon circular city. ReLondon aims to make London a global leader in sustainable living, work and prosperity by revolutionising its relationship with ‘stuff’ and helping London waste less and reuse, repair, share and recycle more.

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The London Circular Construction Coalition

A blueprint for city administration’s actions to foster secondary materials markets

11% of global emissions come from building materials and construction. Virgin material use can be limited by mining materials from existing building stock, yet material reuse remains a niche topic due to the lack of incentives and infrastructure to boost supply and demand for secondary materials. This whitepaper explores how ​​London is pioneering solutions like planning policies and data standards to boost reuse. ReLondon and digital consultant Dsposal have engaged with local authorities, businesses and material reuse platforms to assess the feasibility of these solutions, which will be implemented through a public-private collaboration network: the London Circular Construction Coalition.


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