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UCL Consultants (UCLC) is one of the United Kingdom’s leading providers of academic consultancy services. UCLC connects academic experts to solve problems, create new opportunities and develop capabilities to better understand complex issues.

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The Building Passport Alignment Project 

Empowering sustainability reporting in the built environment

The Building Passport Alignment Project aims to establish the necessary framework for facilitating seamless Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) reporting within the real estate and construction sectors. The premise of this whitepaper is that real estate-focused ESG and sustainability frameworks and regulations ultimately ask the same question: what constitutes a sustainable building? Answering this question requires similar sets of detailed data. Building Passports emerge as a viable solution for capturing this information at the building level. To this end, the paper aims to identify a complete set of granular, building-level data points needed to meet all the ESG reporting requirements of the real estate sector.


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