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Zupply, a Denmark-based startup, supports built environment companies in their transition to circular economy models. Zupply's software platform creates digital twins powered by AI to automate circular resource workflows—allowing suppliers to reclaim components from demolished buildings through a digital network. Zupply is working to establish and scale take-back systems to make circular building practices faster and more efficient.

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Automated take-back systems for suppliers and manufacturers

An efficient path towards a circular built environment

Circular building practices offer an array of environmental benefits, yet they are often slower and less streamlined than traditional construction. This whitepaper outlines the challenges and opportunities faced by traditional manufacturers, suppliers and building owners and showcases how digital tools can be used to accelerate circularity in the built environment. By implementing take-back systems for a wide array of construction materials and products,  Zupply's digital platform can scale the uptake of circular practices in the industry, reduce waste and create new resource flows.


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