March 26, 2024

Agenda Smart City Expo Barcelona

Join the Circular Buildings Coalition to hear from 7 organisations presenting their blueprints for transitioning to a circular built environment. Hear from Zupply on take-back of construction products, IGBC on material exchanges, CircoTrade on trading futures of secondary materials, Base Alliance on promoting Product-as-a-Service, Concular on ensuring secondary materials, UCL on reporting for investors, and Sura Impact on Materials-as-a-Service.

We still have some discount codes and free passes left for the Tomorrow Building World Congress (where the side event will be hosted), so let us know if you are interested in joining!

The session will be on Tuesday 7 November, from 10:00 - 12:00. To see more information on the agenda, click on the file below.

We will also be hosting network drinks on the same day, from 18:00-20:00. We welcome everyone, but space is limited so first come first serve!


SURA Impact.

Secondary materials are often more expensive than virgin materials, making it difficult to decide to go for these materials. SURA Impact will present how companies can facilitate investments in circular materials by pre-financing a portion of their residual value through a “Materials-as-a-Service company.”

University College London

Trouble with reporting the ESG performance of your real estate investments? UCL will present how the alignment of Building Passports enables the seamless transfer of digital information between buildings and investors, supporting the reporting needs for sustainable finance.

Basel Agency for Sustainable Energy

Product-as-a-Service is a proven business model that aligns with circular principles. BASE will present how it is working to remove barriers to adoptingProduct-as-a-Service in the building sector by creating guidelines for PaaS contract development.

Concular GmbH

One of the barriers to using secondary materials is that they are harder to insure, making the perceived risk of using them higher. Concular is working with insurance companies to develop products that cover the warranty of reclaimed construction materials.

Irish Green Building Council (IGBC)

IGBC presents Construction Material Exchange, a platform that connects construction stakeholders to exchange or trade excess and reclaimed materials in Ireland.


Take-back of materials is a tried and tested pathway for a more circular economy, yet it is not widely applied in the construction industry. Zupply will demonstrate how its digital tool can facilitate take-back schemes for construction products and materials in variousmaterial streams.


How do we capture the value of materials in buildings even before they are mined for re-use? Circotrade is setting up trading systems for materials in buildings, capturing their value and boosting the uptake of secondary construction materials and products.

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