March 26, 2024

Five Blueprint Projects will receive grants for piloting their solutions

The Circular Buildings Coalition (CBC) is proud to announce the projects moving forward to the second phase of its Blueprint Projects initiative. After carefully evaluating whitepapers submitted by the ten projects selected for phase one, the coalition partners singled out five initiatives to be granted € 75,000 to pilot their solution. 

Additionally, the projects will showcase their solutions during the CBC’s World Circular Economy Forum Accelerator session on 17 April 2024 in Brussels.  

In the Accelerator session, the CBC will present how four pathways towards a circular built environment can help us achieve net zero by 2050.

The session is part of a Built Environment Series co-hosted by CBC, Metabolic, Ellen MacArthur Foundation, Arup and New European Bauhaus.

Sign-up for the session (in person or online).

The five selected projects are:

Basel Agency for Sustainable Energy (BASE)
The project of this Swiss foundation develops guidelines for Product-as-a-Service (PaaS) contracts in Europe. Its whitepaper presented a strong case for applying the PaaS model to both new builds and renovations, with a solid implementation plan. The selection committee praised BASE’s work for improving clarity among stakeholders in the built environment.

This French company uses innovative futures contracts to capture buildings’ unrealised value. Circotrade's proposal clearly differentiates itself from the competition, citing tax benefits and targeting asset owners. The project has secured a set of partners to get started, and it hopes to attract the attention of major asset owners to scale its impact.

Circular Value Institute
This Belgian pilot-project, Material-as-a-service Company (MASCO), co-finances upfront investments for circular materials. The Circular Value Institute’s whitepaper contains a detailed financial and cost analysis and provides valuable contributions to the field—demonstrating a thorough understanding of the economic aspects of the materials-as-a-service model.

Concular GmbH
Concular GmbH develops insurance covering the warranty of reclaimed construction materials. The selection committee commended the project's potential for scalability and mass adoption. Its collaborative approach has international relevance and broad support, which promises an impact beyond initial markets.

UCL Consultants
UCL Consultants proposed The Building Passport Alignment Project (BPAP), which allows buildings to exchange digital information with investors. This project targets a critical issue within the built environment by seeking to align material passports with sustainability reporting requirements. Its whitepaper demonstrates robust research and a clear understanding of the project’s benefits. 

The CBC invites potential funders and partners to collaborate with, support or assist these projects in further development and scale. The project’s whitepapers—containing feasibility studies, plans for overcoming existing barriers, creating demand and supporting the diffusion of their initiatives—can be found here

To discuss possible collaborations, please contact these organisations directly or contact us via

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