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Jury and selection process

The Circular Buildings Coalition (CBC) aims to accelerate the transition towards a circular economy in the built environment. To achieve this goal, we invited industry frontrunners—projects and initiatives—to share their ideas on creating demand and overcoming existing barriers. 57 Blueprint Projects were shared and evaluated on their public value, transition alignment, feasibility, organisation-solution fit, uniqueness and impact.

The Blueprint Projects were presented to a selection committee of representatives from the CBC consortium and funders: Metabolic, Circle Economy, Arup, WorldGBC, WBCSD and Laudes Foundation. After careful deliberation, the committee selected ten of the projects to progress to Phase one of the Open Call.

Congratulations to the 10 selected winners!

The Circular Buildings Coalition received 57 responses to the Open Call for Blueprint Projects, from which we selected 10 initiatives to participate in the first phase of the programme. This phase of the Open Call is guided by Metabolic Ventures. Learn more about the winning projects below.
Project by And The People
A Dutch foundation that aims to identify how community land trusts (CLTs) can overcome barriers to circular construction by fostering collective ownership, stewardship and governance.
The project of this Swiss Foundation will devise guidelines for PaaS contract development in Europe, aiming at creating a collaborative space for a wider uptake of this business model.
Project by Circotrade
A company from France that captures buildings’ unrealised value by listing, gauging and trading its components via an innovative futures contract. In this way, it boosts the uptake of secondary construction materials and products.
Project by Concular GmbH
This German company develops insurance that covers the warranty of reclaimed construction materials. This lowers the risk of buying secondary materials and facilitates their wider adoption.
Project by Gearcraft
In this project, Dutch and German stakeholders join hands to make Facades-as-a-Service a common practice, demonstrating the business case and sustainability rationale of this ownership scheme.
This organisation cultivates secondary material markets with Construction Material Exchange, a digital platform connecting stakeholders to exchange or trade excess and reclaimed construction materials.
Project by ReLondon
The ‘London Circular Construction Coalition’ project zeroes in on the public sector, fostering demand and supply of secondary construction materials in London and creating a digital infrastructure to spur collaboration between private and public actors.
Project by SURA Impact
This Belgian pilot project, Material As A Service Company (MASCO), co-finances upfront investments for circular materials, lowering investment barriers and allowing secondary materials to compete effectively with virgin ones.
With its programme, The Building Passport Alignment Project (BPAP), buildings can exchange digital information with investors, supporting the reporting requirements for sustainable finance and driving investment in circular and sustainable buildings.
Project by Zupply
This Danish start-up facilitates a take-back scheme for construction materials, allowing suppliers to reclaim components from demolished buildings through a digital network.
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